Welcome to the new AMCMS, a collection of modules and a core that make up the parts and the sum of AMCMS.
This whole section is new and being redeveloped so be patient while links and content pop up over the days and weeks ahead ...

You are currently in the project's root directory. The following sections can be found here:

AMCMS : Core System - The core system is used to create a site and tie in the modules listed below.
AMCMS : Modules - The AMCMS modules are stand-alone and can be run solo or plugged in to the AMCMS core.

The AMCMS repository contains the components, object classes, modules and other code relating to the AMCMS.

AMCMS was started back in 2007 and has become a really big project. I work on it alone so it came together slowly.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with cancer and AMCMS was put on hold while I did treatment. It really hasn't been worked on since. To put it into perspective, AMCMS was originally written in PHP 4. I am now cured of cancer and ready to get back to work on my code. AMCMS is cool, it takes a lot of the hard work out of making a web site, but it's so old now that it really needs to be gone over and rewritten. The old code can serve as a foundation to build exciting new features on. The core needs rewritten to PHP 7 standards but some of the old code was clever and can be copied over to the new system to save some time in developing it.

I run Windows 7 and I use XAMPP so I have a 'localhost' server to develop and test on. I also have a web site online where I deploy code to the production environment. I use a text editor called UltraEdit to write all the code in. It has features like syntax highlighting for web languages.


03 May 2019:
  So apparently I am not ready to get back to work on this as it hasn't been worked on much since the last post. The modules I wrote are great, but the core is messy, needs rewritten I think. We will see what happens...

27 June 2018:
  I brought AMCMS back to life! Apparently what had happened was that my SQL functions became depricated, so I had to switch them all over to mysqli functions in PHP. Joy! My whole database functionality was broken but has been restored! I have been poking around AMCMS version 0.1.4 and really feeling ready to put it out there as a new version! As long as the old core is up and running then there is no need to rebuild it which is a huge relief to me because I have spent a lot of time coding that anyway. It is still a little buggy, I will continue poking around on it to make sure it's production-ready and that the security hasn't been compromised. I was storing the session data in the database to help safeguard it from session hijacking but with the problems created in the database handler I had to pull the session out of the database and put it back down as a flat file on the server. This is just one of the problems I'll be working on in order to bring AMCMS back up to snuff.

21 June 2018:
  I have been working feverishly to bring you two modules now. FormGen and PageGen are both alive and well here in 2018 which is good. They are like the foundational structure to building web sites. The CMS core just ties them together with data management and security and all the things you'd expect in a CMS. I'll get to work on that later, for now it has a placeholder on the site but big projects take time. Piece by piece it will all come together.

12 June 2018:
  I opened up a GitHub repository for AMCMS. I suppose this means I am ready to start redeveloping it. I'm not planning to dive straight in to a CMS this time, what I want to do is write it in pieces or modules that can run independently of the CMS itself. By putting the project on GitHub, out in the open, I hope to receive peer reviews of my code which should make me a better coder. Either way it will get the project out in the open and who knows, maybe even attract a contributor along the way.

11 June 2018:
  Poking around and discover that my localhost server installation appears to be broken, particularly the mySQL portion. I knew the server wasn't set up the same as on the old system but I didn't expect to find it so broken out of the box. I mean, I downloaded and installed it fresh. Whatever. It will all need to be fixed before I can even begin to digest the AMCMS code I wrote 5 years ago. I haven't been using databases so the mySQL problems have gone unnoticed, but there's more going on here than just broken databases.

22 May 2018:
  AMCMS is buggy since PHP 7. The online copy won't even load and the local copy is spitting all kinds of errors. Joy. I will poke around and see what I can learn but I may end up scrapping AMCMS and just use it for parts. A new CMS will need to be built, or the idea forgotten completely. I will post once I have an answer but this CMS has sat for a lot of years. I don't know if I have it in me to code an entire CMS, it really is a lot of work.

21 June 2017:
  This page will house AMCMS.


Here's a screenshot from that time when I created a file system searcher for your web server! Oh yes I did! I dig and dig through thousands of folders looking for the code which produced that functionality but I can't for the life of me seem to find it! *UPDATE: I believe I have found this old code and do plan to revise and incorporate it into a new version of AMCMS!

Here's some old update posts I found while digging around in old code:

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