Recent Blog Activity (2017-2019)

13 February 2019:
 Check out the new header bar and menu! I've been hard at work on that new system because it's been needing updated.

04 October 2018:
 I made a password generator! The best passwords are ones that can't be guessed or drawn from rainbow tables. This generator will help produce those big scary passwords without having to bang randomly on your keyboard. It has some settings that will let you specify what kind of password you want to generate.

This poses the problem of remembering messy passwords. I suggest writing them down, either in a notebook or as a text file on the computer. I like the text file on the PC option because I can copy and paste passwords from the saved file to the password input box. This also has the added benefit of defeating 'keylogger' hacks which record what buttons you are pressing on the keyboard (password).

Think about the passwords you use and how easy they could be to figure out. I want your accounts to be safe like mine. Big name sites are being hacked all the time, account information, like passwords, are potentially leaked. Change and update your passwords to some big scary random spammy mess so that it can't be guessed or figured out.

Also, it is unwise to use the same password across multiple platforms, you should always use different passwords for every site, every program, every game, whatever. You can tell your browser to remember the password if you're on your own PC that you don't share with the world, that's totally fine, that way you don't have to gather that messy password over and over.

Look, all you have to do is keep that notebook or text file that you're keeping passwords on safe from prying eyes for as long as you're alive. Once you're dead it won't matter to you anymore now will it? Do you really want to lock everyone out of your accounts forever or wouldn't it be nice if you left a easter egg behind (passwords file) for the family to find so they can tie up your loose ends. Seriously just think about it...

09 September 2018:
 I made a calendar, check it out! It can be found using the TOOLS button.

I been working on this for the past week but waiting to post about it until I could get the kinks worked out. It's working good now! If you notice any problems, bugs or odd behavior using it then feel free to let me know! This isn't some script I downloaded and plugged in to my site it is a calendar script that I've written from scratch.

There is a little form on there in green that you can use to change the month and year. you can also change the date you're viewing in the URL directly like this:

It has restrictions on the searchable range. Currently the oldest date you can successfully pull up is January of 01 AD - that would be 01/01/0001 and the furthest you can go into the future is a whopping year of 32,767 which I think is plenty for now. I don't see why we need to go more than 30,000 years into the future but for kicks I am planning to make it go back before the Gregorian calendar even existed, way back into the BC era but that's a project for later, like this winter. For now year zero seems to be the hurdle. Typing in zero as the year will not return a result it will just error and you also can not enter a negative number for the year to go back into BC era. It does not work like that, the programming is a bit more complicated.

It will currently display known holidays, all the same ones I recently plugged into my home page script. I have plans to plug other databases into it. I use a desktop calendar every day that no one sees but me. Everything I plug into that calendar is saved as a text file on my computer. I've already read that file. I could program a routine to import those files into this new calendar on my site and then my daily life would essentially be published online. It has my work schedules my doctor appointments and other misc. personal info. Another update I have planned for it is the ability to click on a day and have it zoom in to that day, displaying everything hour by hour.

Stay tuned!

04 September 2018:
 I added a bunch of holidays to the site home page. Chances are, if it's a holiday, you will see a custom message pop up there. If it's not a holiday then it is simply choosing a random page to load. There are only about 12 of those pages right now to choose from, I do plan to add a lot more later. Next on my list though is a calendar. I've been wanting to program one for a long time and now it's come up due on my to-do list. :)

22 August 2018:
 Been working heavy on my story, lots of updates to that. My mom found some old pics of me so I got a scanner and loaded them into the site.

24 July 2018:
 Posting an update today to bring a couple things to light around the site. First, I've just updated the Cold Steel Odor page finally. Also have a few nice features going on in the Life Story of mine. Now when you view an event, you can click on the location to pop open a google map zoomed in to the location where that event happened. Another neat addition to the events is music! Each event now has a song of its' own. I use it to take me back to that time in my life. Hope you enjoy the new features! More on the way!

13 July 2018:
 It has been a minute since I've posted something here. I'm posting now to bring to attention to my life story. It's been my newest and biggest project lately. It's still incomplete. There's a lot to add to it yet but it's really taking shape. It's going to be everything I remember in my life. It takes on a format kind of like Facebook but unlike Facebook, my timeline isn't full of garbage and memes. It's just an events timeline, check it out! It's a great way to learn more about me! Happy Friday the 13th! :p

07 June 2018:
 Massive updates in the music section, to the Aaron Mann page as well as the Guild of Din page(s). I also added more pics of me to the gallery, pics that I had on facebook but weren't here on the site. I have plans to update the Cold Steel Odor pages and also plan to add text descriptions to the images in the gallery but both projects will take time as they are both big projects.

23 May 2018:
 Check out the new Video Gallery! I finally got embedded videos on the site that are stored locally here on the server. I'll be poking around on this until it's complete, might take a day or two or maybe a couple hours or less but I got other things to do today too so we'll see...

17 May 2018:
 Well the problem with the galleries is that some of the JPG images I took with my old camera were basically corrupted somehow. The solution was to re-save them. I opted to convert them all to PNG in the process so a batch conversion tool came in handy. Still, it took a lot of time to fix but the galleries should now all be working just fine.

17 May 2018:
 OK so the image gallery script is not perfect. it is having trouble rendering some images. This results in thumbnails not showing up and also results in error messages when you try to click some images. I am working on a solution to the problem because I still like the gallery script and want to keep using it. :)

16 May 2018:
 Lots of updates all the way around. Anything broken was fixed and a lot of new content was added. There are approximately 4,000 files in 300 folders on this server right now, totalling about 7 GB.

15 May 2018:
 I got a newer image gallery script and it's exactly what I was looking for! Check out the Puzzle Pirates Screenshots, it's using the new gallery script! I also updated the other galleries / albums as well. I searched up and ended up using: PHP Mini Gallery, (C) Richard Shred Koerber,

14 May 2018:
 I have updated to PHP version 7 and to my dismay I notice that the image galleries no longer work. This is because the PHP function SPLIT() is depricated but is used in my image gallery scripts. I am working on a solution right now but it's going to take some time. I need to rewrite the image galleries anyways. That is old, borrowed code running in there and it shouldn't be. I'll post again when the image galleries are working again, until then they are off-line.

14 May 2018:
 I updated the Total Annihilation page today. The Package download links were dead so I brought them back to life!

10 May 2018:
 It's done. All the CSO MP3s and MODs have been updated. Some of the links are broken since some of the file names have changed. I am working on reconnecting those severed connections but if you notice one you can email me about it. :)

08 May 2018:
 I have a lot of work to do. In order to save space I encoded all my old MP3 files in a low quality MP3 format. I have plans in motion to re-encode all the Cold Steel Odor mp3's into a higher quality format, since I have all the CSO mods. The format I am going for is 320 kbps at 48 KHz stereo. The current format of the MP3 files is 192 kbps at 40 KHz stereo. I originally wanted the songs to be smaller downloads and take up less hard drive space but in today's world of computing I think the systems can handle the higher quality format. I also have plans to give each song its own page. This will prevent a browser from trying to buffer a whole album of songs at once. It will also offer more revenue options and a place for each song's lyrics as well as notes on that particular track. Stay tuned. I will post updates here when a task or project is complete. If you had plans to download all my songs then you might want to wait until I get the files all updated. While I have the files open I may do some mixing in there. Some songs may also have plugins or effects added to them, which means you may need to download and install those plugins in order to hear the song properly from within the MOD / IT file.

26 April 2018:
 I have finished uploading all the CSO mods and updating the pages with links to them. I have also uploaded and linked 37 DJ-AM mixes, basically all the house music and dubstep.

13 April 2018:
 It has been awhile since I have posted here so I thought it time for an update! I am planning to add the MOD files into the music section. It appears as though I have all the master copies of the Cold Steel Odor material so I'm planning to back it up to the site. This will likely encourage me to update the music pages. I have quit playing online games all together recently. The two I played have died and there isn't anything to replace them. I've been playing a couple off-line titles of late...

26 August 2017:
 Well that about sums it up. I have everything I wanted here on the site now. It's all here so go have a look around! There's still more I can add here and there when I get time but rather than adding stuff, my focus will probably become improving what's already here.

19 August 2017:
 I have been digging around in image folders, putting together galleries and linking them up in the web pages. You can now surf the many folders and files contained in there. It all needs improved and some day I will do it but for now my system has gotten a lot of images online in a very short time. I have a lot of space available here to use up. My current limits are: 100 GB or 250,000 files.

14 August 2017:
 I have dug up all my old blog posts from and added them here to the blog section. That makes this page super-long now but I wrote a lot back in the day and I don't want all that to go unseen. On the old site the blog was in an archive fashion where you could navigate it and select one month at a time to view. I might make a viewer like that some day but for now I am still digging around looking for old blog-style posts. A viewer would also help generate more advertisement revenue, since ads would be reloaded more frequently. This can be my incentive to improve the pages.

02 August 2017:
 The Guild Of Din Music section is now online but still pending some updates.

26 July 2017:
 Well the video section had to be removed until I can find a way to plug them in. The HTML5 method I was trying didn't work. If you want to see my videos collection, simply visit me on Google+ or YouTube. You can find links to both below.

25 July 2017:
 The first of the image galleries are now online. I have worked it out where a single index file will load up all of whatever image files it finds in the folder. This will make adding new larger galleries a breeze so expect to see a lot of images!

11 July 2017:
 I've gotten the Cold Steel Odor section completely together. You can listen to the MP3's from the pages directly or download them to your computer. I've made other small changes around the site in the last couple weeks. It's coming together...

25 June 2017:
 I have been around, making updates. I uploaded 90 mp3's of Cold Steel Odor. I am still searching for an mp3 player that can be embedded to a web page. The old player I was using no longer works in the modern browsers...

20 June 2017:
 I was around making updates during my time off work. I need someone who does graphics to make me a new logo for the site. Contact me!

16 June 2017:
 I'm gonna start connecting pages but i downloaded a bunch of old sites to look over for inspiration so it might still be some days before i get anything too serious on here. i have a ton of ideas but i have to pick just one. how do i want to present this media to you? this is my current dilemma...

07 June 2017:
 I'm still struggling to find the time and ambition to develop this site. :p I had a couple days off and didn't work on it. I'm here showing it some love at the moment tho... my internet at home went down so here I sat, updating the site!

06 June 2017:
 My phone's being spammed cause I didn't hide my contact info. You can just pull up my phone # with a simple WHOIS search right now LOL!

01 June 2017:
 Hello, my name is Aaron Reed Mann and this is my personal web site which opened today. I am hard at work on bringing it together so please be patient. I work a full-time job so the site is just a part-time hobby. But, I'm a web programmer who's fluent in HTML, PHP, mySQL, CSS and javascript, so I'm sure I'll be plugging away every chance I get...

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