valid date range: 01/01/1583 - 12/31/3998
accurate range: 12/13/1901 - 1/19/2038


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
   [01] New Year's Day:
[02] off
[03] 12-8
[04] 12-8
[05] 12-8
[06] off
[07] 8:40 Dr. Callison[08] off
[09] off
[10] 12-8
pay day

[11] 12-8
[12] 12-8
[13] off
[14] off
[15] off
[16] off
[17] 12-8
[18] 12-8
[19] 12-8
[20] Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day:
[21] off
[22] off
[23] off
[24] pay day

[25] 12-8

[26] 12-8
[27] off
[28] off
[29] off
[30] off
[31] 12-8

- This is not some calendar script I downloaded and plugged in to my site. I coded it in PHP and present it here in HTML. I made this because a calendar has become an important tool in my life. I use it every day to coordinate appointments and keep track of information.

- This calendar will display holidays. There are 42 known holidays. Aaron's birthday, daylight savings time start and end and even "Today" are all holidays on this site but there are still a lot of real US holidays that will come up.

- This calendar will include all the events listed in My Storyline on the actual day that it happened.

- This calendar includes my work schedule and other information kept on a desktop calendar that I use on the PC. Every month I update the site with my calendar data to keep it semi-current. I started keeping the desktop calendar data in 2014 so dates before then will not include that information even though I was using the calendar on my PC as early as 2009. The oldest data just never got saved from the old PC.

- So why the start and end dates and limitations? The valid date range of 01/01/1583 is because that is when this Gregorian calendar format was first put into use. The end date of 12/31/3998 is just because I don't see this tool as being useful to anyone alive past that date. The accurate range is actually what PHP says it can process as a valid date, between such and such a date. I would imagine that when PHP updates to a newer version someday that those limits will expand farther out, but even with those limits, I have still been able to pull up calendars outside of that range just fine.

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