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Below you will find additional music resources.

AVS (Audio / Video Software)
AVS are free utilities that I use to edit sound and video files.
Audio Editor v. [30.4 MB]

Audio Converter v.8.5 [32.8 MB]

 - OpenMPT @
- This is the program that all the CSO songs were written in. This program requires Microsoft Windows to run. In case you are unable to access the site, there is a local copy of this program kept here:
[v.] 32-bit [9.52 MB] - 64-bit [10.6 MB]
Posted on 8 April, 2018 - 11:35 by Saga Musix

 - LAME MP3 Encoder @
- In order to export an MP3 file from the OpenMPT program, you need to download and install an MP3 encoder. Using the files is easy, I just drop the files you download off that site directly into the OpenMPT program file folder. In case the site is unavailable I have stored a copy of the LAME MP3 encoder here on the site. It is version 3.99.5: 32-bit - 64-bit

 - You will need some VST effects plugins to hear some of the songs properly. Those songs which use these plugins will prompt you for them when you open the song file in OpenMPT. Older songs did not use these effects plugins. Newer songs relied heavily on them. Again, I believe that using the plugins is as easy as dropping the files into the OpenMPT folder. I actually have them installed elsewhere on my machine but you can search your computer for them through the OpenMPT program. I paid money for the iZotope plugins and got a serial # for each one, therefore, you may not be able to use those plugins unless you also buy serial numbers. I can not post my serial numbers for you. OK here is the list:

Package of all basic effects plugins: BandPass, CombFilter, PitchAccum, Shuffling and Waldorf.

iZotope_plugins - These are the ones I paid for so they may not work for you. You can visit their home here:

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