On this page I will list forums that I run, visit often, or have visited in the past and liked. These are mostly forums that I have posted in. You could do a search for my username and look up my topics / posts if you wanted. Usually I go by the user name "aaronmann" or simply just "aaron" although I've also used "AaronM" or other random names.


* Local Forum 2
The old Aaron Mann forum (still used). This forum runs Invision Free from the IF server. I like having this forum in case my site and main forum ever go off-line, I have a backup place to communicate with collegues.


Puzzle Pirates
The official Puzzle Pirates forum.

* Ice Flag
This forum is for Aaron's flag named Ice on the Viridian ocean in the game Puzzle Pirates. It runs Invision Free.

Diablo Realm
I still play some Diablo 2 from time to time. This is the forum I used for it. I have since closed my account there so I no longer post, but I still find the site to be a valuable resource.

A very popular Diablo 2 forum.

Game Creators
This is the official home forum for a programming language known as Dark BASIC. I bought a copy of Dark BASIC a whole lot of years ago and have used it to program video games.


The official forum of the PHPBB development group and large user community.


A forum to discuss politics and conspiracy theories.

Above Top Secret
A forum to discuss politics and conspiracy theories.


Echoing The Sound
A forum for discussion of Nothing Records artists, including Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Tapeworm and the rest.

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